JG026SR children's product strong comprehensive strength tester

Scope of application

Used in children's clothing standards, European toy safety standards, American toy safety standards, national toy safety technical standards and standards, etc.The test of tension, pressure (constant pressure, fixed time) and torque (constant pressure, fixed time) specified in the standard.

Related standards

EN71-1, BS7909, ASTM F963, 16CFR1500.51, GB6675-2003, GBT22704, etc.

technical parameter

1.Tension, pressure (constant load, constant speed, constant elongation)

2.Range: 0.1-500N Graduation: 0.01N

3.Speed: 1-500mm/min; digital setting

4.Stroke: more than 300mm

5.Torque (constant force, constant load time hold, fixed angle)

6.Range: 0-1N.m Division: 0.002N.m

7.Speed: 0.1-60 rpm; digital setting

8.Stroke: ±300°

9.Control mode: microcomputer control, integration of tension, compression and torsion

10.The data is automatically processed and stored, and the test process can be analyzed, and the test can be completed automatically

11.Power supply: AC220V/50Hz 800W

12.Dimensions: 470×500×770mm (L×W×H)

13.Weight: 40kg