• YG(B)742D steam shrinkage tester
    The steam shrinkage tester is used to test the dimensional change of various fabrics under the condition of no force, after being exposed to steam.
  • YG089D type automatic shrinkage test machine
    The automatic shrinkage test machine is equipped with ten sets of "automatic washing procedures" that meet the standards. Different test conditions and test procedures are selected according to the use...
  • YG089E type automatic shrinkage test machine
    The fully automatic shrinkage tester is used to test the dimensional stability of fabrics, clothing or other textiles after washing.
  • YG-1 Dry Cleaning Testing Machine
    It is used for the determination of physical indicators such as the appearance, color, dimensional change and peel strength performance of hot-melt adhesive interlining and various textiles after being dry-cleaned with ...
  • YG741 shrinkage oven
    The shrinkage oven is a drying equipment used for shrinkage tests in industries such as knitting, cotton weaving, yarn-dyed weaving, printing and dyeing, and clothing.
  • YG743 type tumble dryer
    Used for tumbling drying of fabrics, garments or other textiles after the shrinkage test is completed.
  • Y085 type shrinkage printing ruler
    Used for marking, printing and measuring shrinkage ratio in various textile shrinkage tests.