PV3909 static elongation and permanent elongation tester

Scope of Application

Used for static testing of static elongation and permanent elongation properties of fabrics, films, artificial leather and insulating materials under a certain elongation adjustment. This machine is designed in accordance with PV3909 German Volkswagen standard, adopts aviation aluminum frame design, stainless steel fixture and ruler, stainless steel 304 weight, has positioning device, compact structure and stable performance. It is widely used by manufacturers, scientific research institutions, commodity inspection and quality Economical and powerful testing equipment for inspection and other units.

Related standards

PV3909 Static elongation and permanent elongation of non-metallic surface

[Basic technical specifications]

1. Test station: 6

2. Body material: aluminum alloy

3. Holder: 6 sets

4. Weight load: 6 sets (24 pcs)

5. Effective clamping width of the clamp: 60mm

6. Test stroke: 1000mm

7. Size: 1300*400*1420mm

8. Weight: 45Kg