JG025 fabric dynamic fatigue testing machine

Scope of application

This machine is manufactured in accordance with ASTM D4033-92 "Standard Test Method for Resistance to Yarn Slippage of Furniture Upholstery Fabric Joints" (Dynamic Fatigue Test Method). It is used to simulate load, force and stress on furniture upholstery fabric joints in use During the impact of the device.

technical parameter

1. Impact wheel weight: 3.75kg (8.25LB)

2. Falling height: 150mm (6 inches)

3. Impact frequency: 25±2 times/minute

4. Counter: LCD display

5. Specimen specification: 190x255mm

6. Weight: about 100kg

7. Volume: 1500×1100×1100(mm3)

8. Power supply: AC220V-50HZ

9. Supplied accessories: a one-year quality guarantee and a manual for the instrument